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Spotted Dog Shop Giveaway – Free Bandana of your Choice! <—— We are PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

Hello everyone and sorry about the lack of posts – Apparently October is a CRAZY month for our shop, but I’d happily like to announce that we have made it through our first Halloween season! We definitely hit some bumps along the way, and our little sewing hands are tired, and if I see another Dino cape, I may chuck it out the window… but HEY, we are here and ready for the holidays!!!!

Just wanted to share a sssssuper special giveaway we have participated in!

Michelle, from ‘This Crazy Life’ on Blogspot, contacted us regarding a giveaway through her blog. She is super sweet and her pups looked beyond adorable in the SDS bandanas 🙂 As part of her feature on the blog, we are happy to be giving away a bandana of your choice through her website! 


She reviews some reallllllly cute stuff and I found have found multiple new favorite stores on Etsy, so check it out!!!! We can’t wait to work with the winner!!!



So go enter a whole bunch, and ‘heart’ our shop on Etsy while you’re at it! 😉


Love ya’ll and have an awesome Halloween!!!!




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Happy Birthday from Pittsburgh!

Hey all! Just a quick note to wish Heather, fellow co-owner and badass seamstress, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Nothing that new to report on the business end, as I am in Pittsburgh this week for work and Heather has had some concerts and lots of symphony practices for the last week or so!

With Halloween around the corner, I am really hoping our shop picks up in the next few weeks…. and not three days before the holiday! When we first discussed opening the shop, we wanted to primarily do costumes but kinda abandoned the idea once we got into the Etsy world. Needless to say, I am SO happy we came back to it, and I know Heather really loves to work on the custom orders – Hopefully in the next few weeks, I’ll be able to take over sewing bandanas so she has more time to focus on those custom designs that she is amazing at!

So…. I just want to take a deep breath and rant for a few lines – Feel free to skip 🙂

I am very active on the Etsy Forums – I find FANTASTIC new shops that way, and learn new information from Etsy sellers on a daily basis! Not to mention that it is fantastic exposure to potential clients that purchase from Etsy all the time!

Yet, there are people there who’s only goal is to BITCH about how terrible Etsy is – Yes, it has some flaws, and yes, the review system changed and it is super different and not necessarily the easiest to use, and YES, admins do have to block complaints and Etsy bashing in general – But seriously, GET OVER IT. Work around it, spend more time for follow-up and just keep on trucking! If Etsy hasn’t changed it in over a month of CONSTANT complaints, then just MOVE THE FUCK ON. Rant, ended.

Owning a business is hard work and things change, you just have to make adjustments and keep on going – With over 90 million users to manage, change and innovation is the name of the game.

Let’s just hope we can all keep up!

Oh and Heather made a galaxy-inspired sweet ass new bandana that I had to post – It is my new fav!



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Ya’ll…. seriously…. it is a dinosaur cape.

Heather is a genius.

Pepper is an amazing model.

I hope we sell a shit-ton of these because they are the cutest things ever.

Also available in red.





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