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Halloween Has Hit SDS Like a Wrecking Ball – No Naked Miley Cyrus Included.

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posting lately, the world has been anything but boring lately.

Pittsburgh, New York City, Lafayette, and Now in Albuquerque – I’m tired.

But enough of that, holy crap the Etsy shop has been CRAZY! We had 5 Halloween capes and two bandanas sell last week alone. And ya’ll, the custom orders have been anything but ordinary!

We made a Dr. Strange Cape (I had to google this character – comics aren’t really my thing!) – I mean come on, that’s awesome. AWESOME. Like, EXTRAORDINARY.



We also had a girl contact us saying that she, her husband and two dogs always dress as a themed family for Halloween, so they bought a pair of matching dinosaur capes to match their cave man outfits – Can’t beat that cuteness.


It is really cool to see how willing and far people will go to create the perfect costume for their pet!

Heather has been a CHAMP about these custom orders – Making sure we send photos prior to shipping and really spending time on these designs to make them perfect for the customer. As time consuming as it seems, I really feel like this is the extra effort we provide to make sure our customers are receiving EXACTLY what they are asking for! I think that when next Halloween rolls around, they will know exactly where to go 🙂 

I just can’t say enough sweet things about our fans – Whether on FB, Twitter, Instagram, or our BLOG – THANK YOU for all the support and if you are interested in a Halloween costume for your pet, let us know – Because we may have to start turning people away – Or I need to get my sewing ass in gear!

Anyhoots – Love ya’ll 🙂 



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I Believe in the Business Fairy…

Heather and I had a brainstorm session this week and one of our main goals is basically…. What’s next? How can we grow?

We are utilizing our social media to the max – Instagram, Twitter (Reached over 100 followers yesterday, yeahhhhhhh buddy!), Facebook, etc.

Our ideas were pretty basic – Contact pet boutiques, walk in with our products, donate to local shelters?

AND BAM – Like that, I am pretty sure a business fairy waved her wand and I received a magical message in my Etsy mailbox from a legit blogger that was very interested in our bandanas. 

Of course my initial response was – Ehhhhh, I am not too sure about this, but after emailing back and forth with her, I really think this is going to be a fantastic opportunity for our shop to reach our target demographic.

We are still in the weeeeeeee stages of this venture, but as soon as I have more details, I’ll definitely share with you all!

Chin up, tits out – Let’s do this thing!

PS – Also added some new items on our ‘INVENTORY’ page in case you are interested! 


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Slow and Steady wins the ‘Trina and Heather won’t Jump off a Cliff’ Race

So things have been absolutely nuts for both Heather and I lately – I just returned from New York for work and am moving into my new house this weekend while Heather has a presentation for a research conference plus her Houston Symphony audition this week, so things have been hectic.

Balancing between the Etsy shop and the normal 9-5, which lately has been 7-5 with no lunch -Poor me! Haha, just kidding, don’t feel bad, I’ve been bored at work for about a year- has been the challenge, but Heather has been definitely stepping up to the plate.

Heather has been in charge of our Instagram account and has been doing a freaking bang-up job… Like I don’t know how else to put it… A fucking badass job. Within three weeks, we have gone from 5 (I’m serious) followers, to just about 1200- That is insane in the membrane. Not to mention, we already had an order for two bandanas directly from that source of marketing. All the time and effort put into the shop is really starting to pay off… We are seeing a new order every 2-3 days, and that is the PERFECT pace for us as we get our home lives to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

That’s all for now, I think the next step is linking with other businesses and look into the possibility of cross promotions…. It might be a little early for that endeavor, but hey, dream big or go home, right?

Just an FYI, every time I post, I also add new inventory items on the INVENTORY page on the blog, so if you are curious, feel free to check them out and look at our Etsy store for our complete collection. Customizations welcomed too! I guess I am talking to the one person that reads this, but ehhhh who cares.



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