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On the Road Again…. As the Orders Pour On In….

So, once again, I have been quite the jetsetter recently – This week included another trip to Brookyn, NY, Pittsburgh and Morgantown, WV. All over the northeast and I DO NOT understand who can live in that cold, it is just torture for me!!!!

But, with that definitely comes some inspiration and recognition of how much I miss being home 🙂

Definitely one of the highlights of this trip was the Andy Warhol Museum – Such an amazing use of color and multiple mediums, not to mention the sheer size of his collections – Just thousands and thousands of pieces!

Sales have also been phenomenal and I have finally been able in the last few weeks to figure out our process and my bandanas are now good enough to sell, which means relief for Heather – THANK GOODNESS! But she has been a trooper and finished close to a dozen orders this week, whew! Hopefully we will actually get to turn a profit this month and get a little extra spending money for the holidays!

Here are some photos of the travels…



There were no photos allowed except for the bottom floor – definitely a huge bummer.


Fall has arrived in Brooklyn!


Ice Rink now up in Rockefeller Center in NYC – Incredibly pretty, can’t wait to go back and see the tree!

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