Austin Pets Alive and SDS Team Up!

Hello fellow bloggers! Just wanted to share a quick reminder as to how important it is to adopt your pets 🙂

We have a friend that is a veterinarian at Austin Pets Alive! – A no-kill shelter in Austin, TX- and have recently donated a bunch of our bandanas for their awesome pups that are out and about, ready for adoption. We want to do anything we can to make these pups look and feel extra special so they can get adopted! It has been so great to read the stories of these pets and I really hope we can help a few more pups find homes.

If you have a minute, please feel free to check out their site and this fantastic organization!


(They also happen to be amazing models in our bandanas!!!!)




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Ya’ll…. seriously…. it is a dinosaur cape.

Heather is a genius.

Pepper is an amazing model.

I hope we sell a shit-ton of these because they are the cutest things ever.

Also available in red.




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Football Fever, Ikea and Adventures in General

Hello fraaaaannnnds! Well, I guess I will update you on SDS stuff first, since that is what this blog is supposed to be about. We were really excited to get a super custom order from a client this week – It was an NFL Dallas Cowboys inspired dog cape with bling! Definitely out of our norm, but Heather worked her seamstress magic again and BAM – It’s so freaking perfect! Take a look below (Feel free to oooohhhhh and ahhhhh, that is some amazing top stitching and tucked edges – CRAFTSMANSHIP people, that’s what it is all about!!!!)


Ok, now on to my life changing stuff, I  have a pretty good (a lil sad) story. So, while snorkeling in St. John, I dove and got a nice conch shell for a Heather’s beach house and brought it home. I showed it to my dog Ari, and she was PETRIFIED – like ran away to hide from it. I thought that was the strangest thing, because she is generally not scared of anything! So when Heather came over yesterday, I gave it to her and as I picked it up, there was a DEAD HERMIT CRAB inside! He was like fossilized and trying to escape. 

So, the ‘Ari being scared’ mystery was solved! And I made Heather pull it out with tongs. It was so funny, but maybe you had to be there. *Graphic photo below*



Then we went to Ikea and I got a brand new crafting table – HOORAY! 



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Vacation with a New Business = A Shit-Ton of New Sales

So – Obviously it figures that when both Heather and I are out of town, interest in the shop has gotten absolutely crazy! Emails and Etsy convos are a daily occurrence from prospective buyers and it is such an amazing feeling.

Except, I wish I weren’t in the Virgin Islands.

Luckily, I can’t believe how amazing Heather has been – She did not leave until Monday and spent the entire weekend sewing customized orders, handled all the shipping, and has even been answering inquiries left and right through emails and Etsy. 

All while just telling me to relax and enjoy my vacation – She is such an amazing friend and co-owner, and I just don’t know what I would do without her 🙂

Sadly, the reason I got to blog today was because we are completely rained out in St. John – No sunshine, no beach and the entire east side of the island was closed… I know this because we drove the entire way there, switchbacks through the rain and all…. aka, I almost puked.

But the trip has been absolutely amazing and if there was any way I could live here and bring all my friends…. all my dreams would come true. Here is to hoping SDS bandanas will be my retirement fund!

Anyways, with the slow day, I thought I’d share some great photos with you from our trip so far – Thanks for reading and I’ll be in touch!

PS – New stuff on our INVENTORY page!





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I Believe in the Business Fairy…

Heather and I had a brainstorm session this week and one of our main goals is basically…. What’s next? How can we grow?

We are utilizing our social media to the max – Instagram, Twitter (Reached over 100 followers yesterday, yeahhhhhhh buddy!), Facebook, etc.

Our ideas were pretty basic – Contact pet boutiques, walk in with our products, donate to local shelters?

AND BAM – Like that, I am pretty sure a business fairy waved her wand and I received a magical message in my Etsy mailbox from a legit blogger that was very interested in our bandanas. 

Of course my initial response was – Ehhhhh, I am not too sure about this, but after emailing back and forth with her, I really think this is going to be a fantastic opportunity for our shop to reach our target demographic.

We are still in the weeeeeeee stages of this venture, but as soon as I have more details, I’ll definitely share with you all!

Chin up, tits out – Let’s do this thing!

PS – Also added some new items on our ‘INVENTORY’ page in case you are interested! 


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St. John is on the Horizon! New Designs in SDS!

Hey all! Sorry about the delay in posts, unfortunately we have been in our new house for a week and a half and still no internet/cable, so it has been super hard to keep up with SDS through work hours – We are swamped at our office right now, and that is a great thing!

My BF and I are about to high tail it out of here and go on our week long vacation and I can’t wait! We are headed to St. John in the US Virgin Islands, aka our favorite place on earth 🙂 Ahhhhhhh… Can’t wait for some aqua water and white sand!

On to the business side, Heather has been our evil creative genius lately – She has thought up some brand new designs, including the color block design I have linked below. We are also getting a lot of interest in our ‘super hero’ cape design as well, and hopefully this will be a big seller through Halloween too!

Happy belated National Dog Day – I tried to cash in on all the amazing contests and products, but no dice…. I was really hoping for that Bully Sticks prize (If you haven’t got your dog one of those yet, check them out, they are super amazing and all natural!)

We are always open to ideas and suggestions…. We’d love to hear what our readers think of the new designs, so let us know!

photo (74) IMG_6052

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Slow and Steady wins the ‘Trina and Heather won’t Jump off a Cliff’ Race

So things have been absolutely nuts for both Heather and I lately – I just returned from New York for work and am moving into my new house this weekend while Heather has a presentation for a research conference plus her Houston Symphony audition this week, so things have been hectic.

Balancing between the Etsy shop and the normal 9-5, which lately has been 7-5 with no lunch -Poor me! Haha, just kidding, don’t feel bad, I’ve been bored at work for about a year- has been the challenge, but Heather has been definitely stepping up to the plate.

Heather has been in charge of our Instagram account and has been doing a freaking bang-up job… Like I don’t know how else to put it… A fucking badass job. Within three weeks, we have gone from 5 (I’m serious) followers, to just about 1200- That is insane in the membrane. Not to mention, we already had an order for two bandanas directly from that source of marketing. All the time and effort put into the shop is really starting to pay off… We are seeing a new order every 2-3 days, and that is the PERFECT pace for us as we get our home lives to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

That’s all for now, I think the next step is linking with other businesses and look into the possibility of cross promotions…. It might be a little early for that endeavor, but hey, dream big or go home, right?

Just an FYI, every time I post, I also add new inventory items on the INVENTORY page on the blog, so if you are curious, feel free to check them out and look at our Etsy store for our complete collection. Customizations welcomed too! I guess I am talking to the one person that reads this, but ehhhh who cares.



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