Why we are here!

We are here as bloggers to document our journey through our entrepreneurial adventure, Spotted Dog Shop! You can see our story below!

Once Upon a Crafting Dream….

My best friend, Heather and I, have known each other since high school band class in good ol’ Cypress, TX. We actually coincidentally both went to college at Texas Tech together, where we both met again and ended up playing on the Texas Tech Women’s Polo Team. We both realized we had a great love for animals and rescued several horses during our time in West Texas. We both also happened to get blue-heeler mixes during our college days.

Our dogs, Ari and Pepper, have been with us since college and have definitely been by our sides through the good, bad and ugly!

As self taught craft, sewing and animal enthusiasts, we decided to take our creative talents to the next level with Spotted Dog Shop.

In our shop, you will be able to find our soon-to-be-famous Bandana Bands that fit comfortably around your pup’s collar for a cozy fit. It is designed for long-wear use and is completely washable making it a great and easy way to accessorize your four-legged family member!

We have created a variety of designs to choose from and will soon be incorporating customizeable features including monogramming, rhinestones, bows, etc., so stop by our shop for our always updated inventory. Bandana Bands also make a great and unique gift for friends and family, so check us out on Etsy!

This is me, in case you were wondering…. HI YA’LL!!!!



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