Spotted Dog Shop Giveaway – Free Bandana of your Choice! <—— We are PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

Hello everyone and sorry about the lack of posts – Apparently October is a CRAZY month for our shop, but I’d happily like to announce that we have made it through our first Halloween season! We definitely hit some bumps along the way, and our little sewing hands are tired, and if I see another Dino cape, I may chuck it out the window… but HEY, we are here and ready for the holidays!!!!

Just wanted to share a sssssuper special giveaway we have participated in!

Michelle, from ‘This Crazy Life’ on Blogspot, contacted us regarding a giveaway through her blog. She is super sweet and her pups looked beyond adorable in the SDS bandanas 🙂 As part of her feature on the blog, we are happy to be giving away a bandana of your choice through her website!

She reviews some reallllllly cute stuff and I found have found multiple new favorite stores on Etsy, so check it out!!!! We can’t wait to work with the winner!!!



So go enter a whole bunch, and ‘heart’ our shop on Etsy while you’re at it! 😉

Love ya’ll and have an awesome Halloween!!!!




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