Halloween Has Hit SDS Like a Wrecking Ball – No Naked Miley Cyrus Included.

Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posting lately, the world has been anything but boring lately.

Pittsburgh, New York City, Lafayette, and Now in Albuquerque – I’m tired.

But enough of that, holy crap the Etsy shop has been CRAZY! We had 5 Halloween capes and two bandanas sell last week alone. And ya’ll, the custom orders have been anything but ordinary!

We made a Dr. Strange Cape (I had to google this character – comics aren’t really my thing!) – I mean come on, that’s awesome. AWESOME. Like, EXTRAORDINARY.



We also had a girl contact us saying that she, her husband and two dogs always dress as a themed family for Halloween, so they bought a pair of matching dinosaur capes to match their cave man outfits – Can’t beat that cuteness.


It is really cool to see how willing and far people will go to create the perfect costume for their pet!

Heather has been a CHAMP about these custom orders – Making sure we send photos prior to shipping and really spending time on these designs to make them perfect for the customer. As time consuming as it seems, I really feel like this is the extra effort we provide to make sure our customers are receiving EXACTLY what they are asking for! I think that when next Halloween rolls around, they will know exactly where to go 🙂 

I just can’t say enough sweet things about our fans – Whether on FB, Twitter, Instagram, or our BLOG – THANK YOU for all the support and if you are interested in a Halloween costume for your pet, let us know – Because we may have to start turning people away – Or I need to get my sewing ass in gear!

Anyhoots – Love ya’ll 🙂 



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